Matthew Dow

Matthew Dow

Hello! I am Matt, I completed my undergraduate in History and Politics at Oxford in 2014. I have pivoted to law after spending the last few years working in mobile marketing for King, the makers of Candy Crush. I have just finished the GDL and LLB extension at the University of Law, Bloomsbury. Finding a legal role is a meandering experience. I am keen to pass on any lessons learned.



Mentors: how they can help you and how you should use them

A great mentor can offer you valuable friendship, career and life advice. Most partners can positively recall an individual who possessed mentor-like qualities; they will typically state that this trusted confidant’s insight was crucial to their own subsequent personal success.


Skills that law firm applicants can learn from entrepreneurs

When you picture an entrepreneur, a lawyer is not the first thing that comes to mind. The popular consciousness of lawyers is more renowned for being risk conscious and safety first.


Wellness – growing movement affecting law firms

Recently, I found myself meditating in the middle of a Simmons and Simmons’ lecture theatre.


Practical tips for career changers trying to become solicitors

When you are no longer at university or do not fit the typical applicant mould, getting that first legal role can be difficult. This update offers some simple lessons learned while applying as a career-change candidate.