Matthew Dow

Matthew Dow

Hello! I am Matt, I completed my undergraduate in History and Politics at Oxford in 2014. I have pivoted to law after spending the last few years working in mobile marketing for King, the makers of Candy Crush. I have just finished the GDL and LLB extension at the University of Law, Bloomsbury. Finding a legal role is a meandering experience. I am keen to pass on any lessons learned.



Working long hours – a reflection

No matter where you work in the legal sector, you will be working hard to succeed. However, working hard is not synonymous with working late or weekends. Putting in the hours at work is not as important as using those hours wisely. Actively choosing the tasks that you work late on can be a major influence on your future work-life balance. Over the long term, this effective work-life balance management will be a key driver in your career success.


Inbox management – get started early

Prioritisation, organisation and communication are key skills to demonstrate as a lawyer. One tactic that will help you to manage your workload when you are coordinating hundreds of cases in litigation or controlling important documents in M&A deals as a junior lawyer is inbox management.


Why I would recommend paralegal work

Aspiring lawyers often see paralegal and legal assistant roles as mere stepping stones to a training contract or pupillage. However, they offer much more than that, and can prove vital to future career development in the legal sector.


Law YouTube channels – what they can offer and recommendations

Navigating the legal sector is something that many law firm applicants struggle with; however, law YouTube channels can help us all to avoid the embarrassment of asking awkward questions. Further, the content that these channels produce is usually created in response to audience requests, and presenters' expertise and honesty generate well-rounded insight.