Marc Tyler

Marc Tyler

Despite the best efforts of my three children, I somehow navigated university in my thirties. Having graduated with a first-class law degree and Inner Temple scholarship, I’m currently tackling the BPTC at BPP Manchester. As the search for pupillage begins, I am always happy to share good advice that I pick up along the way.



Inns of Court not a barrier for non-traditional students, they’re a bridge

The BSB, in a new consultation paper, is considering reducing the role of the four Inns of Court in the training of barristers.


Moving up a gear – from the LLB to the BPTC

I remember the first few weeks of my law degree being a fairly relaxed affair - not so on the BPTC.


Inns of Court scholarships - tips for writing a succesful application

For aspiring barristers, scholarship application season has arrived once more.


BPTC preparation - advice from those who know

Two days after graduation I woke up, made my usual morning cup of tea (Yorkshire – everything else is glorified dishwater!), and for the first time in a long time I slowly realised I had nothing to do.