Marc Tyler

Marc Tyler

Despite the best efforts of my three children, I somehow navigated university in my thirties. Having graduated with a first-class law degree and Inner Temple scholarship, I’m currently tackling the BPTC at BPP Manchester. As the search for pupillage begins, I am always happy to share good advice that I pick up along the way.



Things to think about when considering the BPTC

A fact of life is that there is no point telling someone how tough you have it or how busy you are, because they will always gladly inform you how they have it much tougher and are much busier. However, if the person telling you how much busier they are is a BPTC student, they are likely to be telling you the truth.


Thinking about the BPTC? Apply for pupillage NOW

With the Pupillage Gateway set to open next week, I would urge anybody yet to start the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) to try their hand and apply.


Law students, counselling and mental wellbeing

While there are a number of benefits available at BPP the most valuable, in my opinion, is the free counselling service available to all students.


Inns of Court not a barrier for non-traditional students, they’re a bridge

The BSB, in a new consultation paper, is considering reducing the role of the four Inns of Court in the training of barristers.