Kat C-W

Kat C-W

Hello! I’m currently studying at University of Sheffield, although I have also studied law with the Open University so I will be imparting some distance learning insight too. I’m figuring out university as a mature student and will be sharing some of my experiences juggling life, work and education.



Applying for first-year schemes

While some deadlines have already passed for first-year schemes, there is still time to apply to many! Check out ‘lawcareers.net’ for a handy table to see opportunities or check a specific firm’s graduate recruitment page. Deadlines are coming up from now until March, and the schemes are held throughout Easter and into the summer, depending on the firm.


Making the most of a careers appointment

Universities offer loads of careers advice to help guide you onto a path to the future that you want. Here are my tips for getting the most out of a careers appointment.


Finding work experience as a distance learner

Having been a distance learner who transitioned to a campus university, I have noticed that I am continually being reminded of opportunities as I walk through the law school. This is something that is removed as a distance learner. However, that isn’t to say that opportunities aren’t out there. You just have to be a bit more proactive in finding them. 


How to kickstart your future career in 2019

January can be a slow month; it’s cold, it’s dark and some of us have exams, coursework and applications to worry about. This article explores what you can do to make the most of the new year and accelerate your legal career.