Kat C-W

Kat C-W

Hello! I’m currently studying at University of Sheffield, although I have also studied law with the Open University so I will be imparting some distance learning insight too. I’m figuring out university as a mature student and will be sharing some of my experiences juggling life, work and education.



Performing well in psychometric tests

Psychometric testing is a key recruitment tool used in many professions; however, for a lot of students, such tests are the most daunting part of the application process. This post outlines what to expect from and how best to prepare for a psychometric test.


Mother knows best: an opinion on tattoos in commercial law firms

Although tattoos have become increasingly mainstream, you still won't find visible body art adorning lawyers’ limbs in the city. In a Legal Cheek poll, 60% of people thought that tattoos had no place in corporate law. So, that little heart behind your ear or the tribal form on your neck all need to be hidden. But why is there such an aversion? One in every three young people these days has a tattoo. Attitudes towards body art have changed in other sectors, so why are they still frowned upon in the corporate world?


London’s legal sights

London is considered one of the top legal hubs in the world and is home to many gems to visit, such as the Tower of London, The Clink Prison, and The British Library (home to the Magna Carta, amongst other priceless historical documents), just to name a few. If you ever find yourself with some free time in London, here is a fascinating legal sightseeing guide!


My summer reading list

Fancy keeping your legal brain switched on over the summer? Here are some of my top legal reads for the season, including some essentials that you will probably have heard of, a few that are good for the beach and some more challenging, theoretical texts.