Kat C-W

Kat C-W

Hello! I’m currently studying at University of Sheffield, although I have also studied law with the Open University so I will be imparting some distance learning insight too. I’m figuring out university as a mature student and will be sharing some of my experiences juggling life, work and education.



Choosing next year’s modules

Picking next year’s modules can be a daunting and stressful process. Here are some top tips to ease the stress and help you to make informed choices.


Transferable skills gained through part-time jobs

Legal work experience is notoriously hard to come by, but many students worry too much about purely legal work experience and don’t focus on part-time work that they do to fund student life. You learn lots of transferrable skills in these roles that are similar to the skills recruiters are looking for, even if it seems miles away from the legal industry.


Social mobility in law

The legal profession has a reputation of being elitist; however, law firms are starting to see that there are some bright candidates who have performed exceptionally compared to their peers but are struggling to get a foot in the door.


Applying for first-year schemes

While some deadlines have already passed for first-year schemes, there is still time to apply to many! Check out ‘lawcareers.net’ for a handy table to see opportunities or check a specific firm’s graduate recruitment page. Deadlines are coming up from now until March, and the schemes are held throughout Easter and into the summer, depending on the firm.