Irina M

Irina M

After one year of legal work experience, including an insight scheme at a London law firm, volunteering at a legal advice centre and winning first prize in a mooting competition, I am ready to embark on the second year of my law degree and share all the good and bad bits with you here on my blog.



The legal potential of blockchain part 2: smart contracts

Smart contracts are one of the most fascinating applications of blockchain technology. However, despite their boundless potential, many questions remain unanswered. 


The legal potential of blockchain part 1: features and applications

Right now, the legal industry is being disrupted by technological developments. Blockchain technology is one of the most significant factors that can potentially reshape the role of commercial lawyers by fundamentally changing some of the traditional tasks they have to perform.


What I wish I had known before doing my mini-pupillage

I recently undertook a mini-pupillage with the Exchange Chambers in Manchester, which was new, untested territory for me. It was my first time visiting a UK crown court, my first time doing work experience in the criminal law field and my first time meeting a barrister. Now, I would like to highlight the key things that I wish I had known beforehand in order to help other students who feel that it is a daunting experience.


A look at Amazon’s business strategy

A handy asset that commercial lawyers can call upon is their ability to grasp the vision and goals of their clients, which leads to building successful, long-term relationships. From my standpoint as an aspiring lawyer, I suggest taking a look at Amazon’s business model as an exercise to identify what has made it so incredibly successful.