Irina M

Irina M

After one year of legal work experience, including an insight scheme at a London law firm, volunteering at a legal advice centre and winning first prize in a mooting competition, I am ready to embark on the second year of my law degree and share all the good and bad bits with you here on my blog.



What does the final vote on the EU Copyright Directive tell us about internet freedom?

On 26 March 2019 the new EU Copyright Directive aimed at regulating the IP rights regime in the digital era received its final vote in the European Parliament. Interestingly, a last-minute amendment to remove the widely criticised Article 13 was rejected by only five votes. The content of this article (now renamed Article 17) is worth taking a closer look at to understand its controversial nature.


When the law fails, what else can protect human rights?

The greatest weakness of international human rights law is the lack of a coercive enforcement mechanism. However, keeping in mind that clothing retailers are under pressure to quickly respond to their customers’ demands in order to stay on top of the market, consumers may serve as a potent agent in the complex chain of commercial relationships, as they have the power to require retailers to produce clothing ethically by refusing to buy.


I’m halfway through my law degree – do I regret it?

Having completed half of my undergraduate law degree, I feel it is important to reflect on how my choice to study law has impacted my personal development. In this blog, I will draw some conclusions that will hopefully be useful to aspiring law students.


Venezuela’s constitutional crisis

How has Venezuela found itself in a situation where two people can claim to be president? There are legal arguments on both sides and I find them really fascinating in the context of the economic background of a country on the brink of collapse.

Nicolás Maduro has been the president of Venezuela since the death of Hugo Chávez in 2013 when he won the presidential elections by a narrow margin. Subsequently, Maduro won a second term in the April 2018 elections and was set to be inaugurated in January 2019.