Irina M

Irina M

After one year of legal work experience, including an insight scheme at a London law firm, volunteering at a legal advice centre and winning first prize in a mooting competition, I am ready to embark on the second year of my law degree and share all the good and bad bits with you here on my blog.



The long leasehold trap

In my view, land law has unfairly gained a reputation for being ‘dry’. Although technical, land law can be exciting for the simple reason that at some point in their lives, most people will sign a lease or buy a house (or argue that they have a legal right to park their car on their neighbour’s land because it has been happening for 20 years anyway!). On a more serious note, increasing awareness about the peculiar nature of property rights can hopefully help people to avoid situations like the ‘long leasehold trap’.


Corporate governance and the executive pay ratio


A look at the new loan charge

The Finance (No 2) Act 2017 has recently gained public attention for a controversial provision within it called the loan charge. While the charge was introduced with the legitimate goal of tackling tax avoidance schemes, it imposes a huge burden on some ordinary taxpayers and their families.


What does the final vote on the EU Copyright Directive tell us about internet freedom?

On 26 March 2019 the new EU Copyright Directive aimed at regulating the IP rights regime in the digital era received its final vote in the European Parliament. Interestingly, a last-minute amendment to remove the widely criticised Article 13 was rejected by only five votes. The content of this article (now renamed Article 17) is worth taking a closer look at to understand its controversial nature.