Irina M

Irina M

First year law student at The University of Manchester, coming from Romania and hurriedly adjusting to the British culture. My aim is to give you a personal and academic account of what it means to study law, while sharing tips on how to make the most of your experience at university.



How to choose the right university for you

There are a few lessons I have learned about how to make sure that the university you choose is suitable for you.


Critical thinking: a case study of the military intervention in Syria

In response to a suspected chemical attack on the town of Douma on 7 April 2018, the US, UK, and France launched airstrikes on three government sites in Syria, targeting chemical weapons facilities.


Tips for securing a part-time job

Working part-time alongside my law degree has really helped me become more independent: it has provided me with a source of income and has also exposed me to the responsibility of solving problems on a daily basis.


On data privacy

The unfolding story about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica reveals in a spectacular yet rather disappointing manner how little control we have over our data and how powerful the companies who actually control it are.