Irina M

Irina M

After one year of legal work experience, including an insight scheme at a London law firm, volunteering at a legal advice centre and winning first prize in a mooting competition, I am ready to embark on the second year of my law degree and share all the good and bad bits with you here on my blog.



A new challenge for the CJEU: the right to be forgotten

In 2014 the Court of Justice of the European Union held that Google was legally bound to fulfill a request to delete web content relating to the requestee. What made this a landmark ruling? It can be seen as the acknowledgment of a potential ‘right to be forgotten’, though the specific content of such a right remains unclear.


Reconsidering vicarious liability

In October 2018 the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in the Morrisons data breach case, which involved a disgruntled employee who revealed confidential data about nearly 100,000 members of staff. As the first data breach class action in the United Kingdom, the case is significant because it highlights the delicate debate about the legal doctrine of vicarious liability.


The Cheeseburger Bill: a failed attempt to regulate public health

The Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act (also known as the ‘Cheeseburger Bill’) is an attempt by US policymakers to improve public health. However, the proposed bill is not only implausible, but also potentially damaging for public health. Although the debate has been less intense here in the UK, the question remains as to how to empower consumers to lead a healthier life in the face of so many fast foods, drinks and sweets.



Careers fairs: what I learned as a brand ambassador

After representing PwC at the Manchester Law Fair, I now have an interesting perspective from the other side of the stand –here are a few of the lessons I learned!