Hayley Kwan

Hayley Kwan

I studied Computing in Imperial College London and I will be starting the GDL at BPP in October 2017. Watch this space as I will be sharing my take on legal tech and tips on juggling part-time jobs, vacation scheme applications and studying full-time.



How waiting tables could make you a better lawyer

Waiting tables is not a glamorous job, but one can learn much from it, including essential skills for a lawyer.


The intensity of the GDL: studying tips

Even if you manage your time brilliantly, a poor essay or answer to problem question will still lead you to an unsatisfactory grade.


The intensity of the GDL: tips for coping

Two months have passed since I started the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at BPP University in Waterloo and I can safely say that I have had a proper taste of the course, all the while experimenting in ways to juggle my studies with my life.


Explaining my career change from software engineering to law

Coming to law from a computing degree, the most frequently asked question I'm asked is “Why the change?"