Hayley Kwan

Hayley Kwan

I studied Computing in Imperial College London and I will be starting the GDL at BPP in October 2017. Watch this space as I will be sharing my take on legal tech and tips on juggling part-time jobs, vacation scheme applications and studying full-time.



Legal technology - an introduction (part two)

Apart from legal research, case analytics and document automation, there are many other categories of legal technology that most students never have the chance to play with until they begin practising law. 


Legal technology - an introduction (part one)

Legal technology has been around for decades - since law firms began digitising legal documents, also called precedents, and court judgments.


Understanding online tracking: part two

Throughout my experiences in the legal community, few of the people I have met are familiar with technology and cybersecurity, apart from lawyers specialised in information technology law and data protection.


Understanding online tracking: part one

As companies are changing their privacy policies to be in line with the GDPR and avoid anything like the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, there is no better time to learn more about online privacy.