Hayley Kwan

Hayley Kwan

I studied Computing in Imperial College London and I will be starting the GDL at BPP in October 2017. Watch this space as I will be sharing my take on legal tech and tips on juggling part-time jobs, vacation scheme applications and studying full-time.



Glossary of a software engineer’s language - part four of four

This final post in our series covers the last few terms you should know to gain a basic understanding of a software engineer’s knowledge. 


Glossary of a software developer’s language – part three of four

This blog post continues from two previous articles to introduce you to some broad concepts in computing that are research areas in themselves.


Glossary of a software developer’s language – part two of four

My last post gave you a glimpse into a software developer's vocabulary from A to E. If that is not geeky enough, this post will introduce you to more technical concepts and the tools that a developer would have.


Glossary of a software developer’s language – part one of four

As the legal industry is rapidly embracing legal technologies, lawyers now need to be technologically literate. To get into this exciting industry, it helps to learn some geeky jargon!