Hayley Kwan

Hayley Kwan

I studied Computing in Imperial College London and I will be starting the GDL at BPP in October 2017. Watch this space as I will be sharing my take on legal tech and tips on juggling part-time jobs, vacation scheme applications and studying full-time.



Understanding online tracking: part one

As companies are changing their privacy policies to be in line with the GDPR and avoid anything like the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, there is no better time to learn more about online privacy.


How to join your local branch of Citizens Advice as a student volunteer

In my last post, I discussed why you should volunteer at Citizens Advice to get practical work experience dealing with clients; now in this post, let’s talk about how to join your local office and contribute to your community.


Why you should volunteer at Citizens Advice: a GDL student’s view

As a GDL student who realised too late in final year that a legal career would be more suitable, it was frightening to discover that all deadlines of formal legal work opportunities had passed.


Dealing with rejection: it is not the end of the world

When you put hours of research into application forms and days of practice into interviews, it can be difficult to be smacked in the face with a rejection.