Christianah B

Christianah B

Hello! I’m Chrissy. I am an undergraduate student studying my LLB at a London university. I will be publishing blogs and vlogs with a personal and academic account of what it means to study law, while sharing tips on how to make the most of your experience at university.



Mooting: the art of verbal war

If you're the quiet, introverted type, you're all too familiar with the feelings of apprehension about speaking in front of an audience – thus, naturally, mooting is probably the last thing on your mind. However, the nervousness associated with standing up in front of revered members of the legal profession is outweighed by what can be gained in doing so. 


Why study Law?

"Why law?" The all-important (dreaded) question you will be asked over and over again. Law is a notoriously competitive subject, filled with intellectually challenging principles; however, it offers an abundance of opportunities beyond university. 


The beginner's guide to LinkedIn

As a law student, it isn't too early to create a LinkedIn account and begin growing your network. Building your network early will come in handy after law school because you’ll have a list of useful connections. 


Why it's worth joining the law society at university

With January upon us and ahead of the refreshers fair, taking on a position of responsibility at your university’s law society may be worth considering. Having held some positions of responsibility during the academic term, I have been inspired to write about the value of getting involved with your university's law society.