Christianah B

Christianah B

Hello! I’m Chrissy. I am an undergraduate student studying my LLB at a London university. I will be publishing blogs and vlogs with a personal and academic account of what it means to study law, while sharing tips on how to make the most of your experience at university.



Life as a law student: must, should or ought to?

As a law student, you are told countless things about what to excel at prior and post-law school; however, many students are uninformed of the things they should be doing during their degrees. This fool-proof guide aims to aid aspiring lawyers in adjusting to university life, whilst helping them to get ahead of the game.


Why every law student should have a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has become a pivotal part of the professional world, and what with most, if not all, international law firms and barristers’ chambers on social media – LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for law students.


Seven transferable skills you develop from studying law

A law degree equips students with the calibre of transferable skills that will make any law graduate worth their weight in gold.


Six ways to improve your employability in your first year of university

With the pressure of mounting assignments, social commitments, never-ending revision and back-to-back lectures, applying for graduate jobs may be the last thing on your mind. The good thing is that there are activities you can engage in while at university – other than studying for your law degree and vacation scheme applications – that will boost your employability and place you ahead of the game.