Christianah B

Christianah B

Hello! I’m Chrissy. I am an undergraduate student studying my LLB at a London university. I will be publishing blogs and vlogs with a personal and academic account of what it means to study law, while sharing tips on how to make the most of your experience at university.



Best law books to read: Summer 2019

Wondering how to prepare for your law degree? This is an excellent guide to a few must-read books for the run-up to studying law at university.


How to avoid dozing off in law school

With deadlines closing in and exams just around the corner, final law students are approaching their last pre-graduation hurdle. However, at this time, sleep becomes the biggest obstacle during revision lectures and while studying, so here are some tips that will help you triumph in law school and avoid daydreaming.


Legal academic study skills

Not all students appreciate that it takes time to develop the skills necessary to study law at university level. This article aims to provide an introduction for first-year students to the LLB degree and the English court structure, while explaining how to read and analyse case law and prepare for being a law student.


Navigating the law library – dazed and confused?

When students go to the law library, they often experience bewilderment, apprehension and panic at the vast number of books. To aid students, this article identifies various search techniques, breaks down the complex system (used by most libraries) and includes tips on how to make the most of librarians.