Charlotte Hughes

Charlotte Hughes

I graduated from the University of Reading in 2015 and studied the BPTC at the University of Law graduating in 2017 with a Very Competent. I am currently undertaking my pupillage at East Anglian Chambers primarily in criminal law.



Developments in legal privilege

Legal privilege is a cornerstone of the way in which legal proceedings work in this country (and, indeed, in many others).


Pupillage at a regional set – what is it really like?

Many people only consider pupillage in London and discount a regional pupillage, or consider it a poor alternative.


DVD drives and mobile data: strange lessons you learn during pupillage

There are certain things you expect to learn during pupillage; for example, picking up advocacy tips while watching those more experienced, learning the best ways to prepare a case and how to draft documents, but along the way there are unexpected useful bits of information that absorb by osmosis into your subconscious as you go about your usual activities.


The CCRC: fulfilling its statutory test or not fit for purpose?

In a Panorama programme on 30 May many criticisms were levelled at the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) following the release of internal minutes of a board meeting within the organisation.