Chantal Elian

Chantal Elian

I’m Chantal and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Leicester studying English and History, entering the final year of my degree! I am beginning my applications to undertake the GDL after graduating and working towards gaining a training contract in the near future. I am keen to help other non-law students and hope that I can achieve this by sharing my experience whilst navigating the legal world without a law degree!



Things to keep in mind during a group exercise

Group activities are a great way to improve your social skills and an enjoyable opportunity to be creative, hands on and (most importantly) yourself. They are also an invaluable learning experience. While each participant takes something different away from them, this post provides some helpful tips that are worth bearing in mind when participating in a group exercise.


Translating your non-law experience into skills

It might not seem clear on the face of it, but many of the skills which firms desire can be gleaned from a wide range of non-law experiences. For example, commercial work experience, studying and extracurricular activities will all lead you to develop skills that can be easily translated to a legal environment. 



Interviews – dealing with nerves and the unexpected

An interview is an opportunity for a firm to really get to know you – so the only thing that you need to be is yourself. Sadly, there is no real solution to interview nerves. However, there are a few techniques which can help you to build confidence and thrive when panic begins to set in.


Staying productive during the application process

Having sent off all your applications, it can feel as though the only thing left to do is to sit and wait. While waiting is part of it, it is important that you remain productive and ready for when the waiting is finally over. It is impossible to know what will be waiting around the corner, but there is no harm in taking the time to improve and prepare.