Chantal Elian

Chantal Elian

I’m Chantal and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Leicester studying English and History, entering the final year of my degree! I am beginning my applications to undertake the GDL after graduating and working towards gaining a training contract in the near future. I am keen to help other non-law students and hope that I can achieve this by sharing my experience whilst navigating the legal world without a law degree!



Skills you can take from your non-law degree into the legal world

Admittedly, when I first began seriously considering a legal career, I felt the panic of thinking my non-law degree would have ultimately been a waste of time.


Three simple ways to become more commercially aware

The term ‘commercial awareness’ is something that since exploring the legal sector as a career route, has become a very familiar phrase.


Preparing for a psychometric test

A popular way of screening candidates during the application process for a variety of opportunities such as work experience, vacation schemes and training contracts is through the use of a variety of online psychometric tests


Juggling a non-law degree with preparation for a legal career

One of the biggest struggles I have found along my journey is juggling my course alongside my extra-curricular commitments and keeping up with the legal world.