Chantal Elian

Chantal Elian

I’m Chantal and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Leicester studying English and History, entering the final year of my degree! I am beginning my applications to undertake the GDL after graduating and working towards gaining a training contract in the near future. I am keen to help other non-law students and hope that I can achieve this by sharing my experience whilst navigating the legal world without a law degree!



Preparing for postgraduate courses

After three years as an undergraduate student and finally getting used to the way that university works, leaving to study a postgraduate course is a new adventure and certainly has its challenges. Here are some tips to help you prepare.


The law degree and non-law degree routes – what is the difference?

Your academic choices in your late teens don’t define your career for the rest of your life; you can study law even if you didn’t intend to when you started studying. Here’s a guide to the differences between the law and non-law paths.


Getting started as a non-law student

It’s difficult transitioning into an entirely new area of expertise than the one you spent the last few years of your life learning about, but it is possible and achievable. Finding your way into a legal career coming from a non-law background can feel a bit like a maze; these simple but useful tips could help you to find your path out of it.


Staying productive over the summer

Having finally ticked off the last deadline or exam date, I am now able to move around my room without tripping over a folder. This usually means that summer is finally here! As well as taking a chance to catch up on your sleep and enjoy the view of a slightly emptier calendar, it can be a great opportunity to make the most of having some free time and use it to your advantage!