Chantal Elian

Chantal Elian

I’m Chantal and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Leicester studying English and History, entering the final year of my degree! I am beginning my applications to undertake the GDL after graduating and working towards gaining a training contract in the near future. I am keen to help other non-law students and hope that I can achieve this by sharing my experience whilst navigating the legal world without a law degree!



Staying positive as a non-law student

Trying to find your feet and secure the necessary steps to begin your legal career isn’t easy for anyone; which I think is one of the most important things to remember as a non-law student.


Preparing for a vacation scheme

Securing a spot on a vacation scheme is an amazing accomplishment and a huge step in the right direction!


Making the most of good - and not so good - experiences

It can be frustrating and feel like the end of the world, but using the good along with the not so good is all part of learning; without even realising it, these experiences help to shape us into better candidates.


Assessment days – the questions that often go unanswered

Assessment days are a huge step towards attaining a place on a vacation scheme and/or a training contract and are a common part of the recruitment process.