Calum Stewart

Calum Stewart

Hi, I'm Calum, a final-year LLB student at the University of York, part-time family law paralegal, and aspiring member of the criminal Bar. I’ll be offering an honest insight into the life of a wannabe barrister – juggling studies, employment, pro bono commitments and a never-ending search for further experience. Take a seat, grab a cuppa’ and accompany me on my (hopeful) road to pupillage.



Work experience for wannabe barristers: what should you be thinking about?

As a budding barrister, at this time of year, you’re likely to be looking around at your second-year friends working through the night to finish their endless list of vacation scheme applications with some glee – seemingly unburdened by any deadlines of your own.


Is postgraduate the new undergraduate? Giving serious thought to a master’s Degree before the LPC or BPTC

If you aspire to a legal career there’s a number of qualifications you have no choice but to complete, but have you given enough thought to an optional master’s degree?


The Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme and getting the public more involved in the criminal justice system: help or hindrance?

Asking a layperson's opinion on cases in which they have no stake seems a waste of valuable resources, offensive to victims of crime, and illustrative of a lip-service government intent on appearing tough on crime.


I’m dreaming of a writ-ing Christmas: how to best spend the festive period juggling assessments, applications and a little 'you' time

‘On the first day of Christmas, my module leaders gave to me, a mountain full of work that I have no chance of completing in time for their January deadlines.’