Calum Stewart

Calum Stewart

Hi, I'm Calum, a final-year LLB student at the University of York, part-time family law paralegal, and aspiring member of the criminal Bar. I’ll be offering an honest insight into the life of a wannabe barrister – juggling studies, employment, pro bono commitments and a never-ending search for further experience. Take a seat, grab a cuppa’ and accompany me on my (hopeful) road to pupillage.



A life of crime: why despite the harsh realities, we should all consider a career at the criminal Bar

You might be an aspirational Atticus Finch, Perry Mason or Horace Rumpole; or a Martha Costello, Harvey Specter or Saul Goodman.


Failure to disclose: a disclosure of failure? Losing confidence in our criminal justice system

Prisons are in crisis, probation is under fire, and now disclosure failures threaten the liberty of the innocent – it’s fair to say the criminal justice system is losing widespread confidence.


“Lock them away and throw away the key”: it’s time to talk about what we want our prison system to actually do

Whether it is punishment, protection of the public, deterrence or rehabilitation – it’s hard to assess what our prison system achieves when it’s failing to meet the basic needs of its prisoners.


Work experience for wannabe barristers: what should you be thinking about?

As a budding barrister, at this time of year, you’re likely to be looking around at your second-year friends working through the night to finish their endless list of vacation scheme applications with some glee – seemingly unburdened by any deadlines of your own.