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How to get ahead over summer: four top tips

updated on 24 August 2021

The great British summer is here.

After nearly two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns, it’s finally time to emerge from the corners of your bedroom and catch some rays! While it’s important to have some downtime after what can be compared to a real-life thriller of Contagion, you will benefit from staying focused on your future career aspirations and making the most of opportunities to get ahead. You never know how this summer could change your life. This article outlines four ways future lawyers can have a guilt-free summer.

Apply in good time

The last thing you want to be doing on a hot day in Gran Canaria is worrying about training contract deadlines. So, do yourself a favour and get your applications in early – this means:

  • doing your research into each firm;
  • being organised – use LawCareers.Net’s deadlines page to ensure you don’t miss a deadline; and
  • getting a friend or family member to check over your tailored applications for any spelling or grammar mistakes – a fresh pair of eyes can spot errors you might miss and provide alternative ways to reword your experience.

Once you’ve applied in good time, you’ll have no regrets basking in the sun.

Commercial awareness

LawCareers.Net’s commercial news round-ups and the Commercial Awareness Hub are great places for students to start building their commercial acumen. Meanwhile, reading and analysing the law section of the Guardian and the Financial Times, for example, is also a fantastic way for students to stay up to date with the business and legal worlds. That said, reading a newspaper on the beach would only kill the summer vibe; but plugging your headphones in and listening to the LawCareers.Net podcast as you sunbathe is bound to look cooler! After all, one of the skills required to become a lawyer is multitasking! Have a read of this LCN Says for some more podcast recommendations.


The summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity to (safely) mingle and meet new people. The absence of physical law fairs and open days during the pandemic’s lockdowns meant face-to-face networking was off the cards for a long time. One of the misconceptions, however, was that networking during this period had ceased. This was not the case – students were able to attend and network on virtual vacation schemes as well as with connections via LinkedIn. With covid-19 restrictions having been recently lifted, it’s likely that face-to-face networking opportunities will start to increase. If you’re ready to return to such an environment, in light of the pandemic, then this is great news for you. Otherwise, continue to network virtually – using your initiative in situations like this is important. Read LCN’s tips for virtual networking in this LCN Says. Alternatively, you might even find yourself networking on holiday – you never know you could be sipping on a piña colada and bump into a magic circle partner.

Enjoy yourself

As an aspiring lawyer, taking a break from legal studies to relax can sometimes be sidelined or pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. So, it’s important to strike a balance because taking a break boosts productivity, improves mood and reduces stress. If covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s to take better care of our mental health and prioritise wellness. So in the words of Pop Smoke, “you should enjoy yourself.”

Christianah Babajide is the content & engagement coordinator at LawCareers.Net.