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How to use your summer holidays effectively

How to use your summer holidays effectively



Now that the summer holidays are in full swing, it is the perfect time to relax and take a break from intense studying. However, amid sunny afternoons in the park, the summer holidays are also a great time to get ahead, whether that is in your career, your studies or both! Here is a list of things that you can do during the summer to use the break effectively.


The summer is the perfect time to make a start on your reading list for next year. But if your course books are too heavy or complicated to tackle on a hot summer day, then what better time to improve your commercial awareness?

Challenging yourself to read one short newspaper article each day of the holidays is a great way to improve your business knowledge one step at a time. You will be surprised at how easily your knowledge can build up if you tackle reading in small chunks. By setting yourself a target (eg, covering three chapters of course content or reading 10 newspaper articles), you can be proud when you achieve that target, despite dedicating relatively little time to the task every day!

Prepare answers and research for application forms

Obviously, you cannot fully complete application forms for vacation schemes opening in October, as most answers will need to be specifically tailored to the firm. However, most application forms include sections asking “why law?” and something along the lines of “tell us about your extra-curricular activities”. With this in mind, there is no harm in preparing a few bullet point answers to these questions during the summer break.

Summer is also the perfect time to do some in-depth research into particular firms. Throughout the law application process, we are told to take our time researching firms and making sure that we know them inside out, in order to explain why we are drawn to them in our application forms. Spending time compiling a research fact file on a few of your favourite firms (by exploring their websites and brochures) will provide a useful reference when it comes to filling out application forms, as well as further along in the interview process.

Work experience

It goes without saying that the summer months are the perfect time to gain some work experience. Although legal work experience is great, you can also work at other jobs over the summer that will still stand you in good stead for a legal career. Working part-time in a restaurant or shop can help to develop important customer service and teamwork skills – while also earning money!