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How to stay motivated during exam season

How to stay motivated during exam season



When the sun is shining but you’ve got a packed timetable of exams ahead, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Law students are particularly hard hit, with exams at all stages of your legal career being constant during training. Here are some useful tips to help you stay on top of that seemingly daunting revision schedule over the next few weeks of exams.

Get a change of scenery

Always staring out of the window looking at the sun when you should be revising? Even though its slightly irritating that the sun has just decided to shine in the midst of exam season, you can put a positive spin on that. Even though it might not be possible all of the time, perhaps on a particularly sunny day, or at the weekend, you can take your revision outside. But if you don’t fancy studying outside in the bright light, even just walking to a café, library or study space in the sunshine can lift your mood and motivate you.

Keep your end-goal in mind

It’s easy to get bogged down by the overwhelming amount of work and revision that needs doing right now. Keeping your ambitions and motivations at the forefront of your mind is important. Whether that’s because you need to get a specific grade to get into a certain firm, or even just to fulfil a personal ambition, make sure that you remember what you’re aiming for and why, so that your revision focuses on more than just about that one exam you’re panicking about. Put yourself back on track by remembering where you’re aiming to reach, whether that’s a law firm, law school or somewhere else.

Give yourself breaks

It’s tempting to cram, but I try to live by the motto ‘little and often’ when it comes to revision. One of the things that helps me to focus in short bursts is an app on my laptop that allows me to block access to certain websites like social media for certain periods of time. If you can focus for that time and then take a short break in between intense study sessions, not only will you feel like you’re giving yourself a little reward, but you will also be giving your brain a rest, which is really important in helping you to retain and recall exam information more easily.

Talk about stress

Don’t be scared to talk about the stress you’re under with a trusted support network, this might be friends, family or organisations. Finding people who are going through or have been through the same situation as you can be comforting. I always have a chat to my flatmates if I'm feeling worried or anxious about something exam-related. Revising can put you in quite an isolated frame of mind, but socialising by talking to others about worries can help diffuse them, providing you with some much needed perspective from other people who might see your situation differently.