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Identifying your side hustle

Identifying your side hustle

Solinda Tracy


The term ‘side hustle’ means any type of employment undertaken in addition to a full-time job. While it's important to ensure that you maintain good grades and perform well at work, it is equally important to ensure that you work on your craft. 

Even though working in the legal sector offers you the chance to have a great salary, it is important to spend time on other interests besides the law. Whether it’s selling specific items, doing odd jobs or expanding your social media presence, a side hustle can be a great way to generate multiple streams of income.

I always used to struggle with interview questions that asked about my interests and hobbies outside my legal career. I found it difficult to think of activities that I could talk about which would not only make me stand out, but which I was also passionate about. A side hustle can be very helpful when it comes to such situations. Recruiters love to hear about the non-legal things that we get up to because it sets us apart from the crowd and shows that you have interests other than law and are probably a well-rounded candidate.

There are also lawyers within the industry who not only focus on their career but also on their passion, and at times this presents them with greater opportunities and even makes them better lawyers.

  • Vlogging and social media – when you enter the legal sector, keeping a low profile on social media is usually the best option. If it’s not a passion, it’s wise to ensure that your accounts do not conflict with your career. However, there are a number of law students and trainee solicitors who have become ‘influencers’ on these platforms. This is a great way of showing your creativity and could also lead to extra income.
  • Start a business – starting a business doesn’t mean you have to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but it could mean that you can find ways to make your talents lucrative. If you know you have amazing organising skills, you could start an event planning business; alternatively, if you enjoy baking, you could start a small cooking show on YouTube.

One of the associates in my team recently started a podcast with her close friend in which they talk about current affairs and celebrity trends. When I asked her why she decided to venture into the creative space, she explained that she was more than just a lawyer. Because of this, she felt it was important to try something different that was fun and could potentially lead to something more.

Ultimately, I think it is important to acknowledge the fact that although many of us put our lives on hold from Monday to Friday, work realistically only takes up one-third of the day. Therefore, it is just as important to find time to work on your talent and not let your job define you.

My favourite quote is: "People don’t have the patience to build their dream for 10 years but have the patience to work for someone for 40." I have this quote stamped on my mirror and I read it every morning because it continually reminds me to never let myself get to a position where I am too comfortable.