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Au revoir!

Au revoir!

Paris Bradley


The time has come for me to leave LCN blogging. It has been an absolutely fantastic experience and a career-building opportunity. If you ever have the chance to write blogs here, please go for it!

My final thoughts for all potential and current law students are as follows:

  1. Be kind. Be kind to your peers, lecturers and (most importantly) yourself.
  2. Last-minute night-before cramming does not work! Create a long-term revision schedule.
  3. Like Rome, your legal career won't be built in a day. Take tiny steps to keep moving forward.
  4. Gaining legal work experience does not necessarily mean vacation schemes or mini pupillages. Keep an open mind and look for alternative experiences, such as charity work.
  5. Accept help (I am my own worst enemy for not doing this!). 
  6. Our eyes are bigger than our bellies. Try not to overload your timetable and/or commitments.
  7. Have faith in your ability to be resilient and succeed!

I wish everyone the best for the future!