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Opening windows to virtual events and opportunities

Opening windows to virtual events and opportunities

Olivia Atkinson


Another year, another advent… another chocolate calendar. Each day counts down to Christmas and the excitement builds as I open the next Cadbury’s window. Yet, at the same time, I cannot escape the foreboding feeling that a whole new year is almost upon us. This year has presented many challenges, disappointments and restrictions: “the year that just kept taking”. And so, the new year brings with it an unspoken pressure to make up for lost time. 

Opening windows

As many students come to the end of the winter term, and the office is overrun by Secret Santas and tinsel-adorned walls, it is important not to let your mind go into hibernation. There are still countless events to sign up for over the festive period (on a bring-your-own-mulled-wine basis). Open windows to new events and opportunities that could give your next application or conversation a noticeable edge. Where can I find these events, you ask? You can start by checking out LCN’s Diary page. If you’re thinking about studying the law, for example, whether at undergraduate or master’s level, schools of law are hosting virtual open evenings to answer your questions and are always open to speculative communications.

If you’re curious about alternative routes to qualification or want to hear from experts in the field, check out Shakespeare Martineau LLP’s virtual insight week. Each panel will discuss popular legal topics, such as the impact of covid-19 and Brexit on the legal sector, as well as tips on how to create a great application. 

You might like to gain an insight into what work is really like for trainees in the big City. Perhaps you are considering a career in the magic circle?

Window number 15 this month gets you a ticket to Vinson & Elkins’ webinar: “an evening with our London trainees”. Network with your future peers and ask them what they wish they’d known before applying for or starting their training contract. It is amazing what advice you can gather from those thinking in retrospect!

Virtual reality

Don’t be disheartened by the digital aspect of these events. While everyone can see the benefit of in-person networking, I think that webinars are more easily accessible to a wider audience. Instead of attending one event at a distant location, you could attend five in one week from the comfort of your own home! We have been forced into an alien situation, a virtual reality where we can communicate only through screens or masks. It is confusing and sometimes overwhelming. The advantage is that 2020 will be remembered by recruiters as a year that highlighted the most proactive candidates, who simply did not give up or let this time block their path. These candidates opened their windows and took away more than just a small piece of chocolate.