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My favourite apps for revision and studying

My favourite apps for revision and studying

Kat C-W


It’s a new year and now the jolliness is all but a distant memory, many students are now facing exams, coursework deadlines and dissertations. Some people love exams, I personally hate them, but I have found that finding out how I revise best makes it easier. I have also discovered a few apps that I find really make my life easier when it comes to revision! 

For memory

Anki – This flashcard app has an algorithm that allows you to select how easy the flashcard was and then that will determine when you next see it in the deck. It works on a desktop/laptop too so you can quickly input them there and export to a phone to practice on the go. 

Quizlet – My go-to memory app! You can create flashcards and then learn them in a variety of ways. You can search for other people’s flashcards and you may even find someone from your university has already made the ones you want! You can share easily with your friends or study groups which makes it ideal. You can also import from documents, say for instance you have a case list in Word, you can copy it easily into 'flashcard form'. 

For focus 

Forest – Lock your phone and grow some trees. Forest allows you to set a focus goal and then does not allow you to use your phone for that amount of time, otherwise, you kill a tree. It is weirdly addictive and fun to see who can grow the most trees out of your study group. You can customise your trees and even plant a real tree if you focus for long enough! 

For mind-mapping

Simple Mind – This is the pinnacle of mind-mapping software. Create colourful (or not if that’s your style) mindmaps on all your subjects. They are very customisable and easy to print. I print them on A3 and stick them up. It works well on phones and tablets. 

For planning 

Exam Countdown – Sometimes the days can slip away from you and motivation always comes when you have a big urgent countdown timer reminding you of this! 

Calendars by Readdle – A multi-functional calendar/to-do list that has lots of personalisation options. It really helps to keep me on track and prioritise what I need to do! 

Carrot To-Do – A to-do list that shouts at you and gives you kittens when you achieve lots. What more could a student ask for? 

For procrastination

TED – Who doesn’t like a good TED talk? I like to think these are slightly less distracting than a game or social media, and sometimes you can link them to what you are studying!