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What have I learnt from my experiences so far?

What have I learnt from my experiences so far?

Chantal Elian


Stepping outside of your comfort zone is not as scary as it seems

I always felt that certain things just weren’t for me. Like everyone, there are things I enjoy doing and others that are so far out of my comfort zone. However, just because something is new or different from what you have been used to doesn’t mean you’re incapable of doing it.

Some of the best opportunities I have had have come from a hesitant last-minute agreement to get involved and, over time, pursuing these opportunities becomes a little easier. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy but whether it is entering a legal competition or signing up for a role in your law society, you might surprise yourself and find that the idea of signing up is scarier than the actual activity!

You do not have to change who you are but if an opportunity comes around that sounds like something you would enjoy, don’t be afraid to give it try – what do you have to lose?   

Being a non-law student is something to be proud of

When I started writing blog posts for LCN I was in my final year of my non-law undergraduate degree and was worried about what this would mean as I began to pursue a career in law. I didn’t know anybody else who had been through the same process and was unsure what to expect.

It became clear very quickly that being a non-law student is not a disadvantage and you do not have to give up your enthusiasm for your undergraduate degree subject to pursue a legal career – you can do both.  

Your degree is a recognition of your hard work so be proud of it and everything it represents. You will find that lots of people ask you about your degree and it will always be part of who you are, even after you become an official law student.

You will find your way – so try not to panic

It might take longer than you think or there may be more obstacles than you anticipated but keep heading in the right direction and take everything that happens along the way as part of the experience.  

All you can ever do is try your best, so just keep going!