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Useful habits for application season

Useful habits for application season

Chantal Elian


Application season is a busy time and with so much focus on the applications themselves and their importance, it can be easy to forget the little things that make our lives a little easier in the process. Here a few things that might hopefully help!

Know your timing

Writing applications can be quite time demanding and when working towards a deadline as well as fitting them alongside your other commitments, it can get quite tricky. Being aware of the time you have to complete your application can help you figure out what you need to do in order to meet it. If you are completing a few applications alongside each other, it can also help you prioritise them while ensuring that you dedicate equal time to each.

You will probably take a note of the deadline when you start your application, but keeping this somewhere you can refer to often can be helpful to remind you what you are aiming for and assess what you need to do to meet it! Some helpful ways to do this might be to have all the relevant deadlines written down in one place, mark them on a calendar or keep the deadline for each application at the top of any pages you are drafting it on.

Keep adapting your research notes

When you start writing your applications, you will most likely already have quite a few pages of research into the firms which covered everything you need. However, if you feel that once you start writing there are a few gaps, it can be really helpful to go back and keep researching. If you do any further research don’t forget to add this to your notes so that you can refer back to it later if you need to.

Once you have seen the application questions and have thought about what you would like to write about, it can be helpful to go back to researching with a more focused goal. It might feel like you are taking a step backwards going back to research but it can help save you time when writing as you might find answering the questions becomes a little easier and quicker with more focused notes.

Stay organised with your application drafts and keep them safe!

It seems really simple but with so many different drafts all saved with the same title, with only small changes, it can get confusing, and there is nothing worse than a last minute panic when you are ready to submit but you can’t remember which document it is that has been proof read fully.

Especially if you have lots of other assessments and documents you are working on alongside your applications, getting into the habit of keeping them separate and easy to identify can save a lot of time and avoid any mistakes in submitting the wrong file. It is also a good habit to regularly save your work and keep back ups so that you don’t lose anything you have worked hard on!