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The benefits of sharing your experiences with others

The benefits of sharing your experiences with others

Chantal Elian


Sometimes it can be easy to forget that you are not going to be the first person to face a particular obstacle, and you certainly won’t be the last! Sharing your experiences and stories is a great way to help make the most out of everything you have been through and help other people as you go.

You will experience some good and some challenging situations, and everybody handles things differently, but after the event, the only thing that you can control is how you deal with the situation and move on. Sharing your experience can be a great way to productively use what you have learnt to help both yourself and others. Here are a few of the potential benefits of sharing your experiences by talking about what you have faced – and how – with the people around you.

A helpful way to reflect

Amid the speed and unpredictability of application season there is not always a chance to reflect on your experiences and what they have taught you. One way to recognise your strengths is to discuss what you have done and how it has led to where you are now. This can also be a great way to prepare for interview questions, as you may be asked about how you handled or what you learnt from scenarios that you have mentioned on your application.

With every step you will have picked up something new and no matter how big or small it might be, it is a positive part of moving forward. It can be easy to forget about things quickly once they are over, and talking about them is a great way to continue reflecting on – and learning from – your experiences long after they have happened.

A great source of reassurance

Hearing that you are not the only one who gets nervous about networking events or who spends hours contemplating which outfit is the right one for an interview can be a huge reassurance and a reminder that you are not alone in the process. Sometimes it is not until you are speaking to people after an interview or assessment day that you realise you are all in the same boat.

Little things can make a huge difference and providing a small amount of reassurance to someone else can go a long way for everyone. There is a lot to learn from your own experiences, but there is also plenty to learn from the experiences of others – and that they can learn from yours. Whether you are sharing tips, stories or just some words of encouragement, it can make the process a little easier and might mean a lot more to someone that you realise!