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Managing application deadlines

Managing application deadlines

Chantal Elian


With application season adding a few extra deadlines to your calendar, finding the time to fit them around your other commitments and dedicating the time you want to each one can be tricky.

Here are a few tips to help you keep up with the deadlines and meet them.

Look at what the application form consists of

It can be really helpful to understand the application form as a whole before you start tackling the individual parts. You can save a lot of time by roughly planning your whole application in advance – otherwise you could start writing answers and later find that something you discussed in an earlier answer is in fact much better suited to a later question!

It also means you will know what to expect and not get caught off guard with a lengthy question at the end. Try to start with the questions that you think might take you the longest to answer or have the longest word count.

Take one application at a time

The application deadlines for the firms you want to apply for might all be quite close together, but taking one at a time can help you to meet all the deadlines and make sure that no application falls behind the others. It can be quite overwhelming to have too many different things going on at once, so adding one application to the bottom of the to-do list at a time can feel a lot more manageable – especially if you have university deadlines and other commitments too.

Taking one application at a time can not only help you to make sure you aren’t repeating yourself in the same application, but can also help with keeping focused on the particular firm you are applying to and keep your application from being generic. It will also help minimise the risk of getting confused over the specifics that make each application and firm unique.

Allow time to proofread

Even before you have started, it is always a good idea to think about proofreading. When you are allocating your time to write your applications, it can be helpful to think about how you like to proofread your applications and whether this might be compromised if you find you are still working on your application at the last minute.

Everyone has their own proofreading technique, so whether you like to leave a few days between finishing the application and then reading it over again or prefer to print out copies to check over, make sure you allow extra time for this. This is often one of the last times you will be reading your application and it can be stressful to proofread under time pressure, so trying to prepare for proofreading can be really helpful to avoid any last-minute panic.