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Making the most of attending a law fair

Making the most of attending a law fair

Chantal Elian


Law fair season is an exciting time to gain invaluable exposure to some great law firms from the comfort of your own campus! Not only are law fairs a great opportunity to ask questions, they can also help ease you into the networking scene and provide a chance to get to know a number of firms in an enjoyable way.

They can present a unique opportunity to help kick-start your plan of action for the upcoming year of applications and help you in making important decisions about where you might like to be in the next few years or which areas or firms you want to continue learning more about after the fair is over.

With so much to offer, law fairs can be a little hectic and making the most out of the experience is a common goal which can feel much easier said than done. Having experienced my first law fair last year and having the chance to reflect on the things that I learned, here are a couple of tips on how to be proactive and efficient at your law fair but most importantly enjoy yourself at the same time!  

Prepare in advance

One of the most helpful steps you can do beforehand is to take the time to prepare. Not only will this allow you to feel more comfortable during the fair, it will ensure that you are able to make the most out of the time so that you can speak to everybody that you would like to. Doing your research beforehand will mean that you can seriously consider what you would like to know and use this chance to ask questions wisely.

Law fairs can be busy. With a lot of excited professionals waiting to meet you and plenty of equally eager students raring to go, being prepared can help you stand out from the crowd and make the experience feel calmer and more rewarding.

Don’t forget that firms have travelled to meet you and this is a great opportunity to ask your questions face-to-face. Try to avoid asking anything that you can find online but equally, don’t overthink and panic that you don’t have the most unique questions. Take the time to consider the questions that will benefit you most from being able to discuss in the environment of the law fair.

There are no right or wrong questions, whether it be in regard to their recruitment process and your application or simply finding out more about the firm to decide if they are the firm for you  – if it will help you in your process and decision making later on then it is a worthwhile question to ask!

Don’t forget that it is not just law firms who attend

While the majority of stalls may be occupied by law firms, don’t forget to dedicate some of your time to the institutions and organisations that may also be attending who can aid your career journey in an equally invaluable way.

The best part of attending your university law fair is that it provides an opportunity for an all-rounded experience of the legal world. In theory, there are a lot of decisions your law fair could help you make. Take your time to consider everyone who is attending the law fair and take the opportunity to expand your knowledge and exposure to the legal world as a whole.

Whether it is the GDL, LPC, BPTC or LLM that is your next immediate step towards your career in law, your law fair may provide you with an opportunity to gather more information about these courses and help you in finding the right fit for your future studies. You may be fortunate in that your current university offers the course that you are hoping to do next; however, if not, take the law fair as an opportunity to start reviewing other institutions without having to travel very far.

Law fairs also offer the chance to meet incredible organisations attending who can help you build up your skills set and support you on your journey. This is also an invaluable thing to do during the fair and may even help you on the day to increase your knowledge and give you other opportunities to consider afterwards.

Many organisations work incredibly hard to help aid students and provide a vast amount of opportunities. They also have helpful communication and relationships with law firms – so don’t miss out on your chance to get involved and make the most of what they have to offer.