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Checking over your applications

Checking over your applications

Chantal Elian


Sometimes, checking back over your applications can be just as difficult as writing them the first time around! Aside from the standard checking for spelling and grammar, knowing what to look for and how to know when your application is ready to go is not always easy to figure out.

Everybody has their own style of writing applications – it will be up to you to decide when you feel that you are happy with your application and it’s ready to send off. But if you feel that you might need a few extra ideas, hopefully this blog will help.

Is it too generic?

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received was to check if your application would still work if you took the firm name out and replaced it with another. Your application is your opportunity to sell yourself and show the firm why you are applying to them specifically and what you can offer to them.

Tailoring your applications is a huge part of the process and the best way to put all the hard work that you put in by attending networking events and researching firms to good use. Until you take a step back, it’s not always obvious that you didn’t get down all the points that you wanted to about the firm.

Your application is a chance to show the firm who you are through your answers. When you read it back you should feel happy that it highlights what you want the reader to know about you.                    

Have you answered the questions?

It’s easy to begin a question and find yourself going off on a tangent, finishing your answer in a way that leaves you wondering how you ended up there. You will have your own way of answering a question, but it’s a great idea to go back and check that you are confident that you answered it properly – it will help you to ascertain whether you are heading in the right direction.

It may also be helpful to approach your answers in smaller chunks and keep asking yourself if those one or two lines are relevant. If the question is made up of a few smaller parts, then you could separate these out. By checking that each part has been answered, you can make sure that nothing has been missed and that everything you have said strengthens your answer.

Double check the details!

It’s not difficult to become bewildered or make small mistakes when you are trying to balance your applications alongside other commitments. Being constantly surrounded by firm names and information can lead to confusion when you want to write about something but can’t remember where you got the information from. Such details are likely to be found in questions focused on the firm or your commercial awareness, meaning that these are the best places to pay closer attention to.

If you have written your research down, keeping your notes nearby will help you save time when you go through and check your answers. Even for those details that you didn’t question the first time around, a quick check will help you to ensure accuracy. The dedication that you put into your research will be reflected in your answers.