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Applications – getting started

Applications – getting started

Chantal Elian


Once you have done all your research, met the firms at various events and sat down to write your application, getting started can feel like the hardest part! Trying to put all the great advice you have received into practice and bring your experiences together on paper can take a little time but should feel much smoother once you begin.

Here are a few tips that might help you to get started on writing your application.

Have all the information in front of you

You will probably have collected a few notes and leaflets from the various events that you have attended and research that you have undertaken when deciding which firm to apply for. While you might remember a lot of what you have learnt, it is always helpful to have these around you when you start writing.

Some questions might be specifically firm oriented, so getting your facts right can be important. Equally, reading over the things that you wrote down which appealed to you most about the firm can be a great source of motivation to help you get in the mindset to write about your reasons for applying.

Have a rough plan

It can be helpful to have a rough overall plan when facing an application form, even if you do not stick to it completely. Knowing what you want to discuss and when can be a reassuring reminder that you have something to write about.

You might find it helpful to bullet point your main ideas for each section or freely write up your thoughts as notes without looking at the word count. Having a plan can also help to identify any areas that you might feel you need to research a bit more in order to feel confident enough to start writing.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect first time

Each part of your application can take a few re-writes to get it to the stage where you are ready to submit and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes just having something written can make it much easier to move forward and can help you to get over the initial panic of staring at a blank screen.

Try not to overthink it and let the panic of getting a perfect answer first time stop you from writing! Even if you change them later, the first few sentences can encourage you to keep going or convince you to try a different angle. There are so many ways to approach an answer and whether you have found the way that suits you on your first or 10th attempt, it is the end result that counts – how you got there is your own personal experience.