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A checklist for your final year as a non-law student

A checklist for your final year as a non-law student

Chantal Elian


The final year of your non-law degree is quite a significant year as you start planning your future. It is an exciting and busy time so it is important to find a way (eg, a checklist) to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Between finishing your degree and thinking ahead to life as a postgraduate, there are plenty of decisions to make and lots you can do to get started. To take advantage of every opportunity, putting together a checklist was something I found helpful – it encouraged me to dedicate time accordingly and helped ensure everything got done on time

While you will find your own way to balance your tasks, and there is no right or wrong way to do this, this blog will hopefully help you to get started or figure out what to add to your own checklist!

Decide your next academic steps

There are a few decisions to be made about your next academic steps, which will require some research. It is also important to consider your current circumstances and future plans. There are lots of options for you and while there is no rush to undertake the next stage of your education straight away, these are definitely worth considering.

As with applying for a place on your undergraduate degree, there is plenty to take into account and it is important to find the best fit for you. It is a big decision, so dedicating time to research where, how and when you would like to study a postgraduate conversion course and begin to work on your application is an important step in preparing for life after graduation.

Take advantage of university opportunities

This may seem like an obvious one but sometimes it is not until you have left university that you realise how many incredible opportunities were readily available to you. If there is something that you have wanted to do but never got the chance to, then here is your last chance! It can be great to add another personal achievement to your list before you graduate and get involved with something non-academic or career focused for a change.

There will also be lots of great law-related events and opportunities run by your university careers service and law society for you to get involved in – these will not only help to build your confidence and familiarity in the legal world, but also to find some support and encouragement as you start your next chapter.   

Get familiar with the application process

As a final year non-law student, you can now start to apply for vacation schemes and training contracts. This might all be completely new to you and every firm structures their application process slightly differently. Doing some research beforehand and starting to set up some applications will help you to find your feet and understand the process of applying to your chosen firms.

Once you are ready to apply, go for it! It can seem daunting when you have been waiting for so long to be eligible, but as soon as you are ready, make sure you dedicate some time around your studies and get started. You do not need to wait until you are further in the process and studying law to have your chance.

Enjoy being a non-law student for now

It is exciting to be closer to working towards a legal career but don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your non-law studies as well. It may be a chapter that is closing but don’t rush ahead at the expense of what you have worked hard towards for the last few years. Enjoy finishing your degree and everything that comes with it, and bring your non-law chapter to a close as positively as you can; along the way it helped you to identify your aspiration to pursue a legal career, so you have a lot to thank it for!