This fun weekly feature links five firms through a common theme, designed to spark your interest in firms and practice areas that you may not have yet come across. If you can think up a category, and select five firms that fit within it, by all means send it in to

This week's Take 5

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Legal lit

These five firms are all (sort-of) namesakes of some of the great writers in the English literary canon:

Apply direct

These sets are among those which require pupillage applications direct to them, rather than through the Pupillage Gateway – and unlike chambers using the Gateway, you have a bit longer to get your applications in to these five:

Scrooge LLP

Deck the halls; here are five firms with vaguely Christmassy names. See if you can guess what we’re jingling our bells about:

Civil rights stars

These five firms are all loose namesakes of people to whom we all owe gratitude for advancing the cause of civil rights:

Money talks

Like Johnny Cash and Richard Gere, these five firms boast wealth in their names as well as their pockets:

A few Leeds on IP

Here are five firms either headquartered or with offices in Leeds that do intellectual property:

Arise, fair trainee

These chivalrous five firms all have names with a medieval ring to them:

National Pro Bono Week 2016

Lawyers at these five firms are among those taking part in – or hosting – events for National Pro Bono Week 2016: