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Take 5

The ties that bind – Take 5 offers a bite-sized compilation of five UK firms that are connected by a particular theme, which may be serious or light-hearted. The key word here is ‘eclectic’; the firms might be united by practice area, location or just the fact that they have names that would score well in scrabble. It’s a fun exercise for us – perhaps you’d like to give it a go too? If you can think up a category, and select five firms that fit within it, by all means send it in to info@lawcareers.net. You might find yourself featuring in LC.N Weekly! So take five and read Take 5.

This week's Take 5

Previous Take 5s

Ships ahoy

Set sail with these five firms, renowned for their expertise on the high seas, whether that’s to do with shipbuilding contracts or piracy litigation:

Branching out

They don't share a family tree, but the roots of these five firms run deep (sent in by a LC.N reader):

Money talks

Like Johnny Cash and Richard Gere, these five firms boast wealth in their names as well as their pockets:

National Pro Bono Week 2015

These five firms are all hosting events during this National Pro Bono Week:

Frightening firms

It’s nearly Halloween and these five firms sound suitably macabre for our commercialised Hollywood version of this ancient festival for the harvest and the spirits of the dead:

National law five

These five prestigious firms (among others!) will be attending the NationalLawLIVE careers conference in Manchester on Friday 4 December. If any of these sounds like the kind of firm for you, apply for a place at the conference.

Fab five

These five firms will all be in attendance at the Liverpool business, finance and law fair on Wednesday. LC.N will be there too – come say hello and pick up a copy of The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook if you're around:

City law five

These five firms (among other top City practices) will all be in attendance at the CityLawLIVE careers conference - for aspiring lawyers interested in commercial law in the City - on Friday 11 December 2015:

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