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Take 5

The ties that bind – Take 5 offers a bite-sized compilation of five UK firms that are connected by a particular theme, which may be serious or light-hearted. The key word here is ‘eclectic’; the firms might be united by practice area, location or just the fact that they have names that would score well in scrabble. It’s a fun exercise for us – perhaps you’d like to give it a go too? If you can think up a category, and select five firms that fit within it, by all means send it in to info@lawcareers.net. You might find yourself featuring in LC.N Weekly! So take five and read Take 5.

This week's Take 5

Previous Take 5s

Old school

While most firms want their applicants to sweat it out online, a handful still prefer to recruit via the classic CV & cover letter. Here are five:

Riggor lawtis

Death becomes them; these five firms are making a killing:


The names of these five firms evoke the clink of ice in glass and the glug, glug, glug of a well-poured beverage. Enjoy responsibly:


These five firms evoke the folklore of Britain's most beloved mugger:

Egg-cellent firms

Easter is hopping closer, and these five firms have a springtime, hot-cross-bunny feel to them:

Apply direct

These five chambers are among those which require pupillage applications direct to them, rather than through the Pupillage Gateway – and like all chambers, their deadlines are coming up:

In want of a wife?

Marriage is no longer a "truth universally acknowledged", but these five firms all practise family law in locations featured in Pride and Prejudice:

Apprenticing around

No sorcery required for these apprentice-friendly firms, all of which are currently on the legal apprenticeship scene:

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