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Take 5

The ties that bind – Take 5 offers a bite-sized compilation of five UK firms that are connected by a particular theme, which may be serious or light-hearted. The key word here is ‘eclectic’; the firms might be united by practice area, location or just the fact that they have names that would score well in scrabble. It’s a fun exercise for us – perhaps you’d like to give it a go too? If you can think up a category, and select five firms that fit within it, by all means send it in to info@lawcareers.net. You might find yourself featuring in LC.N Weekly! So take five and read Take 5.

This week's Take 5

Previous Take 5s

Riggor lawtis

Death becomes them; these five firms are making a killing:

The Leeds side streets that you slip down

If Morrissey's lyrics prove true for you, these five Leeds-based firms all have personal injury practices:

Go with the flow

This submersible quintet of firms is united by their watery names. Grab those goggles and dive in for a closer look:

Legal seagulls

These five firms have all made waves harbouring legal talent in coastal offices:

Scrooge LLP

Deck the halls; here are five firms with vaguely Christmassy names. See if you can guess what we’re jingling our bells about:

A few Leeds on IP

Here are five firms either headquartered or with offices in Leeds that do intellectual property:

Pipe down

Grouped together, these five tenuously evoke two folk stories – Dick Whittington, and that macabre tale about kidnapping children - the Pied Piper of Hamelin:

Ships ahoy

Set sail with these five firms, renowned for their expertise on the high seas, whether that’s to do with shipbuilding contracts or piracy litigation:

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