This fun weekly feature links five firms through a common theme, designed to spark your interest in firms and practice areas that you may not have yet come across. If you can think up a category, and select five firms that fit within it, by all means send it in to

This week's Take 5

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In want of a wife?

Marriage is no longer a "truth universally acknowledged", but these five firms all practise family law in locations featured in Pride and Prejudice:

February vacation scheme deadlines

The big 31 January deadline date has passed, but these five firms all have vacation scheme application deadlines coming up this month:

All change, please

These five firms have all stated that they welcome applications from career changers, while some also put on open days and for mature candidates.

Old school

While most firms want their applicants to sweat it out online, a handful still prefer to recruit via the classic CV & cover letter. Here are five:

Branching out

They don't share a family tree, but the roots of these five firms run deep (sent in by a LCN reader):

Ships ahoy

Set sail with these five firms, renowned for their expertise on the high seas, whether that’s to do with shipbuilding contracts or piracy litigation:

Legal lit

These five firms are all (sort-of) namesakes of some of the great writers in the English literary canon:

Apply direct

These sets are among those which require pupillage applications direct to them, rather than through the Pupillage Gateway – and unlike chambers using the Gateway, you have a bit longer to get your applications in to these five: