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Take 5

The ties that bind – Take 5 offers a bite-sized compilation of five UK firms that are connected by a particular theme, which may be serious or light-hearted. The key word here is ‘eclectic’; the firms might be united by practice area, location or just the fact that they have names that would score well in scrabble. It’s a fun exercise for us – perhaps you’d like to give it a go too? If you can think up a category, and select five firms that fit within it, by all means send it in to info@lawcareers.net. You might find yourself featuring in LC.N Weekly! So take five and read Take 5.

This week's Take 5

Previous Take 5s

The language of law

The names of these five firms all alliterate amazingly – thanks to Danielle Spencer at Shoosmiths for this one!

Anyone for seconds?

Here are five firms that offer the chance to go on international secondment to their trainees:

Scrooge LLP

Deck the halls; here are five firms with vaguely Christmassy names. See if you can guess what we’re jingling our bells about:

CityLawLIVE 2014

Hey man! Get off the phone – these five firms are all sponsors of this year’s CityLawLIVE conference on 12 December (we revealed the other five in October). It’s outta sight!

Show us your jazz hands

Hey hep cats. This quintet of firms shares their names with some of the greats of the jazz musical persuasion:

We can be heroes

For the evocation of some of the finest British fictional heroes of page and screen, look no further than these five eponymous firms:

Beautiful partnerships

Harmonious unions abound, with ever more firms linking up with postgrad providers to exclusively train their future trainees. Here are just five:

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