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Burning Question

Commercial awareness - what's it all about?

Law firms want their lawyers and their trainees to have commercial awareness so they can relate to the needs of their clients. This means that you need to know what's going on in the business world. The Burning Question is a weekly article written by a leading firm designed to get you thinking about the commercial issues that the modern lawyer must contend with. Click here to find out more.

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Employment lawyers: a new age - written by RPC

What do smaller employment law teams, changes to the tribunal system and the increase in matters being dealt with in-house mean for current and aspiring employment law solicitors?

Election thrills, oil spills and home-ownership bills - written by RPC

What effect is the unpredictability of the upcoming general election result having on businesses, homeowners and renters?

The fragile position of fracking in the United Kingdom - written by RPC

What is the UK government's policy on fracking and what are the key challenges facing the shale gas industry?

Google and the right to be forgotten - written by Shoosmiths

Why has the Google Spain case drawn so much publicity and what are the long-term legal implications of the decision?

UK economic growth: regulatory and tax cuts - written by Shoosmiths

Is the United Kingdom really one of the best places in Europe to start, finance and grow a business?

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