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Ever wondered if it's really possible to cram 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Law' into the one solitary year of a conversion course? Well, we're about to find out... I'm a recent Cambridge graduate beginning the GDL in September 2012, here to make your lives that little bit easier by providing you with a candid account of my first official foray into the legal world.



Back to school (again)

After a blissful, study-free 16 months, I’m due to register for law school on Monday and I think it’s going to come as a bit of a shock.

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Surviving the interview room

As promised, this week I’ll be discussing my top tips for performing well in a training contract interview after my last blog on interview preparation.

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Preparing for interviews the stress-free way

In this blog post, I’m giving my top interview preparation tips to make sure that when you do get invited to interview, the email doesn’t fill you with panic - while my next post will deal with how to perform well in the interview room itself.

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Sexism in the City

I recently met a former trader who was shockingly blasé about the level of sexism in her workplace.

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