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Ever wondered if it's really possible to cram 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Law' into the one solitary year of a conversion course? Well, we're about to find out... I'm a recent Cambridge graduate beginning the GDL in September 2012, here to make your lives that little bit easier by providing you with a candid account of my first official foray into the legal world.



Sexism in the City

I recently met a former trader who was shockingly blasé about the level of sexism in her workplace.

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Revenge porn in the United Kingdom: a gap in the law

Sexting. Not many of us would admit to doing it, but it’s very common nonetheless.

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Save the Rhino

For the last month, I have been working for a conservation project on a wildlife reserve in South Africa.

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Hitting the road again

Another phase in my life has finished; another chapter ended, another door closed.

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